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The Ultimate - Hunting Dangerous Game with
a Fine Double
The Ultimate - Hunting Dangerous Game with a Fine Double

Here is a selection of quality dangerous game hunting rifles.  The following information is simply my opinion from many years of using and seeing bigger rifles used on large game.   Remember, we all have different ideals and experiences.  The express rifle or double rifle in recent years has seen a big increase in popularity.  Most are very expensive in comparison to a quality bolt rifle, however some manufacturers now offer doubles from $8,000-$20,000 allowing hunters to fullfill their dreams of owning and hunting with a classic large bore double.  The 470 and 500 NE both recoil a lot and many hunters will never be able to accurately shoot such rifles.  The 500/416, 450/400 and 375 calibers are much easier to shoot. However before deciding on what caliber you should buy, I strongly recommend you borrow a rifle and fire 10 rounds, not just 1 or 2.  Fire from a rest, plus offhand and kneeling, 50 &100m, simulating what you will be doing in the field.  An ethical hunter's responsibility is to shoot well, and take his trophy or game cleanly.

The New Heym 89B Double Rifle in 470NE
The New Heym 89B Double Rifle in 470NE

" Getting Close Up 15-25 Yards... On Dangerous Game With A Large Bore Double Or Express Sighted Bolt Rifle Is Exciting And Heart Stopping..!! 
I Love It... The Challenge Is Addictive "   Graham Williams, PH

Double rifles in 375 Flanged, 375 H&H, 450/400 or 500/416 calibers, will generally have maneagable recoil and a reasonable carry weight, which is very important for long days treking under the blazing sun.  Correct shot placement is more important than volumes of power in the wrong spot.  Some hunters with ageing eyesight simply cannot see express open sights anymore.  Especially when the best hunting is early morning and dusk with low light and shadows. This makes both the sights and target area hard to identify... if seen at all..!!  This is where a 375 or 400 caliber with a detachable scope and long eye relief is best, making it suitable for low light and more accurate shooting.  A scope in QD mounts can also be carried in the backpack, and mounted if needed.  Personally I would not recommend a scope on a 470 or 500 caliber, as you will very soon be whacked and chopped in the head so damn hard you will never forget... (until taking up the trigger pressure next time), and that expensive scope may never be attached again... 

Sauer Hatari.

Folding leaf sights.     Front sight bead, plus bigger flip over moon sight. Sauer Hatari  375H&H t/d 

Heym Express in 404 Jeffery
Heym Express in 404 Jeffery

We now have a large choice of dangerous game Bolt action rifles available in 9.3x62, 375H&H, 416RM, 416Rigby, 404 Jeffery, 458WM and 458Lott.  Weatherby has a premium lineup of large bore rifles in 378, 416 & 460 Weatherby Magnum, all excelling in their caliber class, and the later 2 generally fitted with a muzzlebrake.. which requires hearing protection.  Specialist bullet makers like Barnes, Swift, Rhino, Nosler, Woodleigh etc, produce very tough projectiles with controlled expansion for thick skinned game.  The Australian made Woodleigh bullets are available worldwide, and have a traditional construction of RNSP (Weldcore) and FMJ.  These two bullet styles normally shoot to the same point of impact, and regulate very well in double rifles.  Prices of some 375H&H ammunition has recently come down, allowing many hunters to practice more and use their rifles for general shooting of antelope, deer, wild boar etc.  Again detachable scope mounts make a big bore rifle very versatile, and scopes similar to 1x-5x or 2x-7x magnification are most suitable for both close up and longer range use.  If a scope is used on a 416 Rigby or 458 Lott, this brings a high risk of the scope contacting the shooters head, so a scope with long eye relief must be used.   Porting and/or a recoil reducers in the stock may be required for some shooters.   Again I suggest you test fire 8 or 10 rounds from a rifle in the caliber that you are concidering, before purchase.  Eg: some hunters have purchased 416Rigby or 458Lott Rifles, fired them over the weekend, and then returned them to the shop on Monday.

Rigby Big Game in 416 Rigby
Rigby Big Game in 416 Rigby

Sako Safari
Sako 85 Safari  375H&H

The tough Weatherby DGR.
WeaWeatherby Dangerous Game Rifle 460WM

For our heavy Water Buffalo the 375 H&H is a great cartridge if shots are placed correctly in the shoulder, heart, lungs area.  The 404 Jeffery and 416 Rigby deliver more knock down energy, plus have excellent penetration on raking shots if an animal departs.  The 458 WM starts to recoil hard, and is effective close up, while the 458 Lott cartridge has much more energy and penetration, even at 100-200yds.  Ideally your first shot should be with a quality Expanding bullet placed accurately to do maximum damage to the vitals.  However many times dangerous game animals will regain their footing and gallop away, or occassionally charge.  Under both circumstance you should have Solid or FMJ bullets in your magazine, and be able to shoot accurately on running game.  Do not stop shooting until the Buffalo is down.   Even then get in a another spine or shoulder shot to be sure.  So fellow hunters, use a rifle you CAN handle, get to the range and practice hunting scenarios, plus be 100% sure your ammunition feeds 100% properly. 
Good hunting, Graham Williams


Ethical hunting in outback Arnhemland..  This was truely an excellent Australian adventure... the Buffalo bulls were large tough animals...  I estimate we saw over 500 Buffalo. The fact all hunting was on foot made this trip more rewarding than ever before.  We are both thrilled to have excellent guides that helped us get 10 outstanding trophies across Australia... some of our best hunting experiences ever... We will be back...
Michel De Dampierre. (28 day safari, 2 hunters , 3 regions )

I would like to thank Graham and his very capable team for the most enjoyable hunt that I have been fortunate and privileged enough to do in all my 61 years.  (using 375H&H double rifle) Arnhem Land is the place to be - picturesque, with plenty of animals being seen each day, with several large specimens on offer.  I will be back to try and improve on the two taken this trip.   Till then, I will always remember your motto " Buffalo hunting is a disease, with no cure.... only treatment".  I'll be back for some more treatment soon.
Jeff Gray. Nowra, NSW.

Jeff Gray with excellent Arnhemland Buffalo after an exciting stalk. Chapuis 375 H&H double rifle.

Extremely professional & pleasant to work with.  I regard this hunting trip as one of the most exciting and enjoyable experiences I could wish for - I would like to do it all over again.
Stephan Bellingan. Retired CEO. ( has now completed 4 safaris with us )

There were many good bulls I saw of Trophy quality...  My Buffalo altercations were as good as it gets!  Large calibers and heavy  premium bullets are a MUST!  This is a genuine WILD hunt...  Any real hunter will enjoy this hunt.
David G. Walker. Buckfield USA. ( has done 2 safaris with us )

Arnhem Land is where you want to be.... had at least 12 bowhunt stalking opportunities, and crawled to within seven yards of a bull that my guide estimated to score well over 110 (the wind turned and he was gone).  It just doesn't get much better than that..... See you next year.
Patrick OBrien. CO. USA.

Ron Drozdowski  with his second Arnhemland Buffalo, which also took a few rounds.

The area was abundant in herds of buffalo - there were no surprises - I can only give the highest approval of my experience.
Walter Lew.  Management, Texas.

An experience neither of us will ever forget - (1st hunt) there was certainly hundreds of buffalo and many shootable trophy - I am actually itching to come back to Australia this time with my older son.
Dr Adrian de Villiers. Radiologist. ( now done 3 bow-hunting safaris in 3 different areas )

Graham was extremely well organized - I have hunted all over North America and Africa with many different outfitters. I would enjoy hunting with them anytime !!

Jerome C. Deavan. Taxidermist, Michigan.

Adrian De Villiers with large wild boar, central Arnhemland.

I have hunted in Africa, England & New Zealand and rate this hunt of an International standard – I can recommend this outfit to any hunter wanting to experience Australian big game hunting at its best.
Richard Browne-Cooper. B.D.Sc Dental Surgeon, Perth.

My expectations were met and even more.... with my last bull on the last day of hunting, when all odds were against us and still Graham was prepared to take the chance.... this second bull scored 104 points in the field, I'll be back.
Dewet Coetzee. International Trader.


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