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Record Book Buffalo 2012

Bill Morris of Oregon takes pending #3 SCI Asiatic Water Buffalo bull July 2012

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Great friends Bill Morris and Larry Waide returned to Arnhemland with Graham Williams of Australian Buffalo Hunters for some more adventures.  We had an exciting week, and decided to venture to a back corner of the concession where there was still water, but not many animals due to sand and rocky ground...  Little did we know Larry and Bill were to chance across this massive Buffalo feeding towards the creek.  The binoculars were playing tricks, (we saw the pending 3rd biggest Asiatic Water Buffalo ever in the SCI record books), and after an exciting stalk Bill gave 2 fast shots from his Blaser R8 in 416 Rem Mag with Trijicon scope. This large bodied bull was very old and in poor condition, it field scored at 134SCI and a spread of 83" tip to tip. 

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My guess is the bull was around 16 or 17 years of age and the heavy horns grew so long that half way during its life they began to curve down a little more each year, then the last 5 years or so a lot of weight at the (now) 19" bases joining the skull caused more downward growth or curve, until the ends were dragging on the ground when the Bull was eating, thus the tips were worn flat at the bottom.  Even if I guide for another 20years, I will never see another such Buffalo, however in true wilderness perhaps there is another... we will keep looking.  Obviousley in such vast places such as Arnhemland, many hundreds of old animals die of old age every year, unseen by humans and the horns slowly returning to the earth.  This trophy however has already made it to B&B Taxidermy Houston and completed a shoulder mount in record time, and made it available for hunters from all over the globe to see at the rescent Dallas Safari Club convention in January 2013. People who have hunted water buffalo before in Australia were amazed, while others were either impressed or wondering what animal it was..?  As Bill says, " Once in a lifetime..!! "

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RAINER JOSCH   -  Buffalo Australia
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Safari Camps are set in scenic locations, and often Buffalo are sighted from camp.


Graham's Personal Invite

Meeting the challenge.   We always remember our toughest hunts, the beautiful animals and the most scenic places.  Trophy hunting to most is a reason to take us all over the country or to different places in the world.  A real hunt is hard work, you must train so you are fit, be ready to cover lots of ground and carry your rifle and gear.  Our Buffalo hunts are special, they are conducted on foot the old fashioned way, hot, hard and dusty.  We usually cover 10-15km a day and view plenty of Buffalo.  The hunter and guide must work together, hunting and approaching downwind so the Buffalo are undisturbed.  All these factors and effort, make an important result... that the hunter has taken his trophy fair and square.  The ethical hunter will be proud of his or her efforts and trophy.  I invite you to come and experience Australia's best buffalo hunting.

Best Looking Trophies

We hunt amongst large numbers of wild Buffalo where only mature and big old bulls are taken each season.  Reality is, that most very old Bulls have worn horns around 85- 96 SCI.  Buffalo roll in the mud or sand every day, and push their horns into the ground to roll their 700-1000kg body over and upside down...  However this damages the horn tips on old boys, and can wear 3 to 5" off each side, effecting 6-10 points of score. Bulls with horns that curve back with sharper points are more likely to score 98-105 SCI.  Bulls with a heavy wide 42-50" spread and straight horns are often the most impressive trophy, yet score around 85-95 SCI.  We have all types of trophy.  To most hunters score is not important, they want a mature bull or very old bull, an ethical hunt, great stalks and close encounters.  The choice is yours.

Jack Hannabuam with Ruger Express 458 Lott, and wide spread Arnhemland Buffalo.
Jack Hannabuam with 51" Water Buffalo

Early Hunt Bookings

Do as many hunts and holidays as you can, while you can. Australia is a big place, and a Buffalo hunt is a great reason to get you here. Many hunters are booking one or two years in advance. Get in early, reserve the dates you want, secure your hunt price, and get to plan extra tours and fishing in Darwin and other parts of Australia. Next load up the 375H&H or 470NE and get some practice. Why not bring both..!!

Taxidermy of Trophies

The most important thing after your hunt, is that trophy hanging on the wall.  We ensure all trophies are treated and packaged correctly for new EU & US export standards.  All our skins are dry salted and folded up hair in. Make sure your Taxidermist has done Water Buffalo before, the head is often a little longer than Cape Buffalo and the ears go straight out (not down).   

Adrian's excellent 48" spread bull, typical in central Arnhemland where the bush is more open.
Adrian's 48" sweeper in central Arnhemland.

The Value of a Professional Outfitter

A professional safari company should have the highest standards.  You are not only paying for a quality hunt and trophy, you are paying for a professional business to operate all year. That means total dedication to customers, professional wages, a company that will maintain productive hunting concessions, and work with land owners for many years.  Travelled hunters know there are no bargains, cheap hunts will have problems, no game, no trophy size animals, no license or permits, damaged or lost skins or trophies, destroyed exports... a disaster.  Every year it WILL happen again, somewhere...  We are often asked for capes.!!  Please ensure your hard earned money is not wasted.  The actual hunting is about 1/3 of the work for a professional outfitter, who also spends time- training, marketing, conventions, scheduling, processing licenses, hunt and access permits, visiting police, repairs, servicing, buying and transporting supplies, trophy cleaning, treating, packaging, freighting, etc.  You are paying for much more than a hunt in the bush.  You MUST book with a proven professional outfitter.
A New outfitter always finds a New area..!! and some operators drive around all day until they find some Buffalo and hopefully a Bull.  Thats fine for 5or 6 Bulls a year, and a patient client.  An established outfitter has seen the country for 10 or 20 years and long ago secured the best concessions he can find.  Large herds of Buffalo means good hunting, a number of camps and areas with large Herds means Exceptional hunting every year.   We have tried 'new' areas 15 years ago, and have secured the best with an estimated 12,000 buffalo in our 4 adjoining concessions, so we run 2 main safari camps that are regularly shifted to place you in the best hunting.

 Mark Thornells Buffalo, 375H&H, 416 Rigby & 435 PH Express.
CZ Rifles - 375H&H, 416 Rigby, 435 PH Express

The Challenge, The Rewards

Our job is to provide you with all the ingredients for a fantastic hunting adventure.  Your rewards are great trophies, a demanding, safe and successful safari, great memories, great photos and finished trophies back home.  You will see many mature Buffalo bulls before you decide to shoot.  My reward is satisfied hunters, repeat hunters, and many new freinds all over the world.  Like guiding a father and son close up on a large old angry bull, who stares through our cover, and tries to judge us good or bad... "He steps slowly towards us, only 15 yards now, sniffing the air... making sure we are ready... we wait........" These moments are shared with father and son forever, these moments and feelings are my personal rewards that I treasure...

We look forward to another Great Hunt Season. 

Regards Graham Williams

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