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 Graham Williams PH, Philip Massaro USA

Graham Williams PH, Philip Massaro USA

Graham Joe Gordon Wally Adam Shaun

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INTRODUCTION:   Welcome hunters to our crazy life, remote exciting adventures, living in the outback, with a green canvas tent as our home for hunt season.  Personally I have a passion for hunting dangerous game, with double rifles and classic bolt rifles of large calibers... and especially exploring wild remote areas to discover herds of Buffalo or a monster Bull.  25 years ago while hunting in the Northern Territory with a friend, his 470 NE double rifle was empty as a wounded Bull charged down on us, I dropped the Bull at 8 yards with a 375 H&H.  That was the first shot I fired at dangerous game, and since then I have loved the excitement of being close up on large Buffalo and hunting with a big bore rifle.  After experiencing many Australian and African hunting adventures, I set out to build a quality safari company in Australia.  That dream has been reached with the assistance of a team dedicated to quality service in remote outback Australia.  See you in the bush....
Graham Williams

Life Member:  IPHA,  International Professional Hunters Association
Life Member:  SCI,  Safari Club International
Life Member:  SSAA,  Sporting Shooters Association of Australia
Member:        Australian Deer Association
Member:        Dallas Safari Club

Founding Member:  South West Hunting & Conservation. 
Special Merit Award: for Outstanding Service to Hunting, Guiding and Ethical Competition.
Safari Club International Australian South Pacific Chapter, 2000 Shot Show Convention.


Graham and Wally Fournier with a good Wild Boar.  Graham 416Rigby bolt, Roger Carter 470NE Rigby sidelock, Adam Fenton 470 NE Rigby sidelock, hunting Mt Jean creek with an exciting Buffalo altercation ahead...
Graham Williams, PH

AUSTRALIAN BUFFALO HUNTERS:  Your Team - We have an honest and reliable team of professional hunting guides.  All have experience in Australia's outback areas, and some have hunted in Tanzania, South Africa, New Zealand, America and Europe.  We have developed our own shoot training to suit our dangerous game, where we practice many hunting and charge situations.  This training has proven invaluable many times over.

Wally 458WM, with Steve Robilliard 416 Rigby. Joe Estermann with Joe Martinez De Hoz, Rigby 470NE.
Wally Estermann, PH                                          Joe Estermann PH  (PDAHS hunt)

Adam Christo Shaun
Adam Christo                                        Shaun

Shane Rowe Andrew Hepner Mark Elliot
Shane                                        Andrew                                        Mark

International Professional Hunters Association - Graham Williams - Life Member

Dale, Ladislas, Graham, Wayne

Graham, Vicki & Chel

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