Australia's Best Wilderness Buffalo Hunting Safaris


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Jeff Gray and Kim Avalon in central Arnhemland. Excellent stalk amongst 20 Buffalo, to get close for this huge Bull with 375 H&H double rifle. Chapuis 375 H&H express double rifle, +100 point Buffalo.
Jeff Gray, NSW, with excellent large Buffalo.         Jeff's nice Chapuis 375 H&H double rifle.

Wally Fournier, outstanding 110 score Buffalo taken before dusk, and we returned next morning for photos. A nice Banteng bull, guide PHAHS.
Wally Fournier's 110 SCI Buffalo, 8 days hard going.      Wally's Banteng guided by Mick PDAHS Coburg.

Vicki's 48" spread Buffalo, good shooting on all her trophies. The coastal shores of Northern Territory provide some stunning sunsets. PHAHS camp.
Vicki Migotti with excellent wide Buffalo, 375H&H.      Great coastal sunset in Banteng hunting area.

An excellent Rusa Deer in tall grass, outback Queensland. Buffalo running out of creek bed. Here you see why RN FMJ solids are required for follow up shots.
Java Rusa deer in remote Queensland.         Water Buffalo running from creek line.

Chel after an unbelievable stalk for an outstanding Australian Rusa Deer. Wally Fournier took this huge old boar with his trusty 45-70 Marlin.
Michel De Dampierre outstanding Rusa Deer.     Wally & Jason with big old Wild Boar.  



Some older pics.

Stephan Bellingan & Joe with Trophies   Dewet Coetzee and excellent Boar

Jerome Deavan, outstanding Wild Boar with 375 H&H    Stephan Bellingan with a good size Saratoga