Australia's Best Wilderness Buffalo Hunting Safaris


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Laurens West gets close up to study this wide Bull that was busy feeding on the green pic. Laurens first trophy Buffalo, after a long and patient stalk waiting for other Buffalo to feed away.
Laurens West gets a close view of this wide Bull.            Laurens first Buffalo, old bull 101 SCI score.

Nice Buffalo taken with Sauer 375H&H Hatari. After a good first shot and fast follow up shots on the run through heavy bush. Nice Banteng looking for the cause of that danger in the wind.
Westy's second Arnhemland Buffalo. Hatari 375H&H.    Banteng, pic taken from cover of the paperbarks.  

Greg Bookout's excellent wide trophy Buffalo. Taken with 375H&H after viewing over 200 Buffalo the first day. Tented Safari Camp set on a nice river view, with Buffalo always seen from camp here.
Greg Bookout's 1st Buffalo, late afternoon of day 1.        Main Camp on river late in the season.   

Vicki with nice Chital Deer, excellent shot with 30-06, Queensland. Vicki's Arnhemland Wild Boar, shot close up in heavy cover with 375H&H.
Vicki Migotti's nice Axis Deer (Chital),Queensland.              Nice sized Wild Boar in Arnhemland.

Chel De Dampierre with his outstanding Axis (Chital) Deer. Note the very long inner tines. 270Win, Queensland. Very large Wild Boar taken with the Sauer 375H&H Hatari.
Chel's free range Axis, Queensland.      Laurens West with large Wild Boar.



Some older pics.

Adrian and Ryan De Villiers - massive trophy Wild Boar      Barramundi - Jim & Joe with dinner.

Walter Lew, Texas USA - 103 SCI Trophy Bull       Jim Jim Falls, Kakadu, NT