Australia's Best Wilderness Buffalo Hunting Safaris


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Ryan De Villiers got close up to this large Buffalo in the bush, but it died in the open. Adrian De Villiers Buffalo after a long stalk in the not so tall grass.
Ryan De Villiers 102 SCI Buffalo.                   Adrian deVilliers 101SCI Buffalo.

Harald's Water Buffalo, took a few well placed shots at distance with 375H&H. After a good stalk across an open area, his keen eyes spotted our movement.
               Harald Wolf with excellent plains Buffalo.         Spotted from behind this anthill, nice wide Buffalo. 

Travis with an excellent Buffalo, heavy bases and wide horns, 470NE Rigby double. Harald getting practicing at settling the cross hairs on the shoulder and vitals.
Travis Wright's old Buffalo, 470 Rigby double.          Harald lining up on a medium size bull.      

Carlos took this Bull with 416 Rigby in very thick and tall grass, exciting follow up. The biggest trophy Buffalo we've ever taken from Mt Catt hunt area, 20" bases...
          Carlos bull, exciting follow up 416 Rigby.           111SCI Bull, Chel's  375H&H, Graham 500Jeffery.

Bent with a large Wild Ox or more commonly called Scrub Bull. Per, Finn, Bent, Karsten with hunt trophies.
             Bent Lerche with large Wild Ox, 375H&H.       Denmark hunt group with Buffalo & Wild Ox trophies.



Some older pics.

Shane De Villiers and his first Trophy Buffalo   Dave and Chris with a good scrub bull

Stephen Belligan with a good wide bull, .375 H&H   Charter Flights into Bulman central Arnhemland

   A large Northern Territory Ant Hill  Tented Safari Camp back in 2001