Australia's Best Wilderness Buffalo Hunting Safaris


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Chel with his Winchester Custom shop 375H&H and a great Buffalo. Banteng bull in Coburg Peninsular.
Chel De Dampierre with heavy 48" spread Bull.          Chel's nice Banteng Bull, hunt with PDAHS.

Roger Carter with exceptionally wide 55" spread buffalo, Rigby 470 NE. Quality binoculars are essential for viewing Buffalo trophy quality.
         Roger Carter's extra wide 55" Buffalo 470 Rigby NE.      Harald Wolf looking at over 50 Buffalo for another trophy.

Christian Polis with his very old and large Banteng bull. Christian with one of the wild pigs shot in Arnhemland.
Christian Polis and daughter Laurence with lovely old Banteng (PDAHS) and Wild Hog.

Ron Drozdowski, after being charged by his first Buffalo, this second Bull was also hard to put down. Ron 375H&H, Graham 416Rigby.
Medium size Wild Boar feeding along river bank.               Ron Drozdowski, our adrenalin still pumping. 

 Finn Sorensen and heavy Buffalo taken with 375H&H. Bente Lerche with his wide trophy Water Buffalo.
Finn Sorensen and Bente Lerche with their Buffalo from Mt Catt, Arnhemland concession.



Some oldies.

Heine Bellingham with 51"  Rowland Ward Bull   Wild Boar taken at Annie Creek.

Randy Cooling and old bull taken with 82lb recurve.   Paul Labrecque's large Bull, Tracker Stephen and David Walker.